What are SpaceConvicts?

It is the year 2099. Punks and Apes were thrown into space prison for laundering money. They are left to fend for themselves. Naturally, they don't get along very well - pick your side!

Assemble your gang and collect $CIGARETTES. Spend them on awesome weapon drops to show the other inmates who's boss. Advance through the ranks and forcefully take over the prison. Or plan your escape and leave the planet on a spaceship!

Price and Supply

Total supply is 9999 with a price of 0.06Ξ per SpaceConvict.


No cash or crypto allowed in prison. Cigarettes are the currency.

Get drops

Trade your $CIG for weapons used in prison fights and tools for your great escape.

Take decisions

Use your $CIG to cast your vote and decide where the SpaceConvicts are headed.


Your convicts will be the key to a rapidly expanding metaverse. You will be able to become the prison kingpin by collecting the most $CIG or you can earn your reputation in pit fights. Excert your influence inside and outside of prison to shape its future. Or leave prison behind and escape on a spaceship. There will be NFT drops, weapons, new artists and new collections. Your gang of convicts will secure them for you.

$CIG token income
Rarity tools listing
Weapon drops
Prison gang fights
New NFTs and drops
Prison break and spaceship escape
Expansion into the metaverse
Use $CIG to vote on new roadmap items


Artist, Vaping Punk
Developer, Keyboard Monkey
Strategist & Event Manager
Community & Social Media Manager
Community & Social Media Manager
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